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Swipe Pay
Simplifying Payments

Your solution for effortless payment processing. Explore seamless transactions, transparent pricing, and advanced tools with Swipe Pay.

Small Business Advocate

Swipe Pay is your dedicated partner in managing credit card processing fees, point-of-sale systems, and merchant services, while also offering innovative solutions like business loans and consumer financing. Our expertise and strategic partnerships are designed to unify all your payment services, supporting your long-term business objectives. Serving as a trusted resource for thousands of small businesses, Swipe Pay is committed to bringing you tomorrow's financial solutions today.

I am searching for:

Mobile & Wireless

Embrace mobile payments for one the-the-go transactions, including NFC contactless, using advanced app and card reader tech.

Secure Payments
Ensures transaction security.

Device Compatibility
Works with smartphones and tablets.

Compact and Durable
Ideal for mobile professionals and businesses.

Point of Sale Systems

Discover versatile POS solutions tailored to your business needs. From secure and intuitive software to sleek hardware options, our systems offer seamless payment processing for all business types and sizes.

Seamless Setup
Intuitive POS software gets you selling within minutes, no extensive training needed.

Secure Payment Flexibility
Professional hardware accepts payments in-person, online, or via phone, meeting diverse customer preferences.

Scalable Solutions
Adaptable POS systems grow with your business, offering tailored support for different business types and sizes.

ATM Services

Maximize profit with Money Machine ATMs, as over 60% of ATM withdrawals are spent on-site, offering merchants a self-sustaining income stream through surcharge transactions, featuring top ATM brands, increased foot traffic, reduced banking trips, lowered processing fees, and full commission on surcharge fees.

What will you need?

Payment Terminals

  • Countertop & Wireless Terminals
  • Accept Credit Cards, Chip Cards and Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay Wireless & Wifi Options

Online Payments

  • Accept Credit Cards on Your Computer
  • Virtual Terminal Setup
  • Integrate Payments from Your Online Store

POS Payments

  • Accept Credit Cards through a POS
  • Virtual Terminal for Mail, Phone and Online Payments
  • Cash Drawer and Printer Connectivity

Mobile Payments

  • Simple to Set Up and Customize
  • Bluetooth Option Available
  • Accept Magstripe, Chip Card and Apple Pay

Simple Payment Processing & Amazing Technology

Transparency & No hidden  Fees

Simple affordable pricing

Dedicated Service & Support

What our clients say

During the pandemic my boutique was struggling. as many other small businesses were.  Swipe Pay came in and helped me keep my doors open. Not only did they  cut down fees but they set me up with Pax Pos and online ordering..  Swipe pay gave me the technology to help my business run seemlessly.

Boutique owner- VA

John with swipe pay came by my auto shop and showed me how to implement the cash discount program. Now im saving tens and thousands of dollars a year.. My business is doing better than ever. Thanks John and Swipe Pay!

Auto shop owner

I have been in business for 15 years and didnt want to deal with the  fees of taking credit cards. A swipe pay rep came by and showed me how to  use the cash discount program and take cards at zero cost to me. My sales has increased now that I am taking cards! Thanks guys.

Barber shop owner

Revolutionize Your Transactions

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