Revolutionize Your Gas Stations or Truck Stops

Welcome to Swipe Pay's Equipment as a Service Program, your gateway to revolutionizing fuel point of sale systems! We're here to transform your gas station or truck stop into a powerhouse of efficiency and profitability. Our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to redefine the way you operate and boost your revenue streams.

Igniting Your Growth

Fastest-Growing Fuel Point of Sale System: Transform your gas station or truck stop with our modern POS technology tailored for the USA market.
Launch New Gas Stations: At one-third the cost of ground-up construction.
EMV Fuel Dispensers: Upgrade to the latest EMV pumps to enhance security and customer satisfaction.
C-Stores Turned Gas Stations: Seamlessly transition convenience stores to gas stations with portable aboveground tanks, modern EMV pumps, and advanced POS systems.

Fueling Higher Profits

Discover the Difference! Gas Pos presents an exclusive Dual Pricing Program, enabling you to save a substantial amount while receiving top-of-the-line EMV gas pumps, modern fuel point-of-sale systems, and more. Convert your C-Stores into efficient gas stations and witness a remarkable 300% increase in net profit compared to traditional in-store sales.

Advanced Back Office Software: Streamline operations and gain valuable insights to maximize profitability.
Increase Profit up to 300%: Compared to traditional jug sales using our POS systems, DEF pumps, DEF tanks, and diesel dispensers.
Dual Pricing Program: Save significantly and boost net profits with innovative pricing strategies.

High Efficiency Expansion

Expanding Made Easy! Gas Pos offers an unparalleled opportunity to launch a new gas station at just one-third of the cost of ground-up construction. Receive a complete package including a convenience store, portable above-ground tanks, modern EMV pumps, and a cutting-edge POS system to kickstart your new venture.

No unexpected charges: With no spikes in support fees, POS upgrades, or maintenance fees.
Payment Flexibility: Accept fleet cards, credit cards, debit, EBT, & loyalty cards.
Customized to You: Use your logos & colors to keep on-brand.

Why Swipe Pay?

NO expensive POS upgrades

NO support fee hikes

NO maintenance fee hikes

We will help you choose the best solution for your business