Nonprofit Organizations and Churches

Pay $0 in credit card processing fees!

Complete Donation Product Suite

Kiosks - Streamline your donation process.
Text Giving - Quick and easy donations via SMS.
Mobile Apps - Engage donors on-the-go with custom apps.
Automation - Simplify donation management.
Online Giving - Integrate donations into your website.
Silent Auctions - Expand your fundraising reach.
Church Management Software (CHMS) - Efficiently manage church activities.

Create Unlimited Free or Paid Events

Events Scheduler included. Free event registration and children’s check-in service!

Increase Donations by Up To 70%

Silent Auction Feature

Take your auction events global!

Child Check-In

Safe and fast, with no additional cost.

Event Registration

Easy and efficient organization for your events.

Multi-Channel Donation Solutions

Online Giving: Embedded on Your Website

  • Seamless integration with your website.
  • Donation page mirrors the kiosk experience.
  • Remote back-office for comprehensive management.

Add a Free Giving Kiosk to Your Organization

Increase your donations and capture more opportunities with our customizable donation kiosk and fundraising app.

Text Giving: Donate in Under 10 Seconds

Fast, easy, and with unlimited keywords for different responses.

All-in-1 Marketing Program with Text Giving

Includes comprehensive marketing tools for greater outreach and engagement.

Feature-Rich Fundraising App for $0 Down

Available on Apple and Android stores, fully customizable with a wide range of features like live sermon streaming, YouVersion Bible, social media integration, and more.

Zero Credit Card Processing Fees Option

Optionally let donors cover the credit card fees with customizable settings.

We will help you choose the best solution for your business