Repair Services

POS used in repair services to streamline transactions, manage inventory, track customer information, and generate reports.

Service Intake and Tracking

Customers bring in items for repair.
The repair technician records details about the item, including the type of repair needed, customer information, and any pre-existing issues.

Estimates and Quotes

Swipe Pay allows technicians to generate estimates for the cost of repairs, including parts and labor.
Customers are provided with a written quote detailing the expected expenses.

Inventory Management

Our systems help keep track of spare parts, components, and supplies needed for repairs.
Automatic notifications when stock levels are low, ensuring that necessary items are reordered in a timely manner.

Reporting and Analytics

Swipe Pay provides valuable insights into sales, repair trends, popular services, and customer behavior.
Reports can be used to make informed business decisions and adjust pricing or service offerings accordingly.

What will you need?

Payment Terminals

  • Countertop & Wireless Terminals
  • Accept Credit Cards, Chip Cards and Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay Wireless & Wifi Options

Online Payments

  • Accept Credit Cards on Your Computer
  • Virtual Terminal Setup
  • Integrate Payments from Your Online Store

POS Payments

  • Accept Credit Cards through a POS
  • Virtual Terminal for Mail, Phone and Online Payments
  • Cash Drawer and Printer Connectivity

Mobile Payments

  • Simple to Set Up and Customize
  • Bluetooth Option Available
  • Accept Magstripe, Chip Card and Apple Pay

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