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Greta POS

Greta POS for Swipe Pay is an advanced point-of-sale solution designed to streamline your business operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth. Whether you run a grocery store, meat market, or any other type of business, Greta POS offers robust features and seamless integration to meet all your needs.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor stock levels in real-time to prevent shortages and overstocking.

Automated Reordering

Set thresholds for automatic reordering to ensure you never run out of essential items.

Detailed Reporting

Generate detailed reports on inventory usage, helping you make informed decisions.

Multi-Location Management

Manage inventory across multiple locations from a single platform.

Advanced Customer Loyalty Programs

Points System

Reward customers with points for each purchase, encouraging repeat business.

Customizable Rewards

Set up custom rewards and discounts tailored to your customers' preferences.

Digital Gift Cards

Offer digital gift cards that can be easily redeemed at checkout.

Promotional Campaigns

Run targeted promotional campaigns to boost customer engagement.

Advanced Customer Loyalty Programs
Seamless Online Ordering Integration

Seamless Online Ordering Integration

Easy Setup

Integrate online ordering with your POS system quickly and effortlessly.

Real-Time Updates

Automatically update inventory and order status in real-time.

Customer Notifications

Send customers order confirmations and updates via email or SMS.

Comprehensive Reports

Access detailed reports on online sales and customer behavior.

Customer Testimonials

Truly a magical experience. I easily went through dozens of merchant services and nobody truly listened or even cared enough to give me a solution that matches my business’ needs. Swipe Pay is very professional and I am very impressed with their capabilities. They provided me with a solution that is just right.


Swipe Pay's Greta POS has completely transformed our store's operations. The inventory management is seamless, and the customer loyalty programs have increased our repeat business significantly. We couldn’t be happier with the service and support provided.


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