Swipe Pay simplifies payment processing, inventory management, and accounting for retail store owners, streamlining your tasks so you can focus on your business's core needs.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Business

At Swipe Pay, we get that every retail business is different. That's why we're all about creating flexible payment solutions just for you. Need to handle payments in multiple stores, online, or on-the-go? No problem. Tell us what you need, and we'll create the perfect solution together.

Retail Shop Payment Processing

Cost-Effective Products & Services
Transaction Device for Retail Store Payments

Boosting small business profits is what we're all about at Swipe Pay. We're committed to offering you great deals on all our products and services, making sure you get top-notch quality without breaking the bank. Partner with us and you'll be getting the best for less. Watch your savings grow!

Selling on Social Media is Vital for Business Growth

Business pages, ads, customer interaction.
Product showcases, Stories, IGTV, Shopping.
Facebook Messenger:
Automated, real-time support.
Google Shopping:
Product visibility in search results.
Extensive marketplace, inventory, payment management.

What will you need?

Payment Terminals

  • Countertop & Wireless Terminals
  • Accept Credit Cards, Chip Cards and Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay Wireless & Wifi Options

Online Payments

  • Accept Credit Cards on Your Computer
  • Virtual Terminal Setup
  • Integrate Payments from Your Online Store

POS Payments

  • Accept Credit Cards through a POS
  • Virtual Terminal for Mail, Phone and Online Payments
  • Cash Drawer and Printer Connectivity

Mobile Payments

  • Simple to Set Up and Customize
  • Bluetooth Option Available
  • Accept Magstripe, Chip Card and Apple Pay

Need help choosing the best solution for your business?