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Payanywhere Smart Flex

Payanywhere Smart Flex powered by Swipe Pay is an all-in-one payments platform designed to simplify payments for business owners, employees, and customers. Ideal for stores, online, and mobile, Payanywhere Smart Flex offers robust features and seamless integration.

Comprehensive Payment Acceptance

Comprehensive Payment Acceptance

Versatile Payments

Accept contactless, EMV chip, magstripe, and online payments.

In-Store, Online, Mobile

Seamlessly process payments everywhere.

Offline Transactions

Enable offline payments, tips, and receipt options.

Industry-Leading Features

Terminal & Retail Themes

Traditional terminal or item libraries and stock tracking.

Reputation Management

Manage customer reviews from Payments Hub.


Send invoices, create recurring invoices, and offer a branded portal.

Industry-Leading Features
Employee and Back Office Management

Employee and Back Office Management

Employee Management

Hire, schedule, and manage team access.

Custom Reporting

Real-time insights into business activity.

Back Office Tools

Manage inventory and customers online.

Customer Testimonials

The comprehensive payment options and ease of use have been a game-changer for our business. Payanywhere Smart Flex meets all our needs effortlessly.

Payanywhere Smart Flex's employee management features have streamlined our operations significantly. It's incredibly user-friendly and efficient.

About Payanywhere Smart Flex

Payanywhere Smart Flex combines advanced payment features and business tools to deliver a reliable POS system for various businesses.

Why Choose Payanywhere Smart Flex

Comprehensive Solutions

Accept a wide range of payments.

Advanced Features

Includes reputation management and invoicing.

Dedicated Support

Installation support and live training.

Why Choose Payanywhere Smart Flex

Key Features

Versatile Payments

In-store, online, and mobile.

Employee Management

Efficient team management.

Custom Reporting

Real-time insights.

Reliable Hardware

Durable and high-performance.

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