Up to $7500 in Free POS Hardware for qualified businesses


KORONA POS powered by Swipe Pay is an advanced point-of-sale solution designed to streamline business operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth. Ideal for restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses, KORONA POS offers robust features and seamless integration.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor inventory levels in real-time.

Automatic Reordering

Set thresholds for automatic reordering.

Detailed Reporting

Generate detailed inventory reports.

Barcode Integration

Use barcode scanning for quick updates.

Advanced Sales and Customer Management

Customer Profiles

Manage detailed customer profiles.

Sales Tracking

Track sales with comprehensive reporting.

Loyalty Programs

Implement customer loyalty programs.

Multi-Channel Sales

Integrate in-store, online, and mobile sales.

Advanced Sales and Customer Management
Robust Security and Compliance

Robust Security and Compliance

Secure Payments

Process payments securely with EMV and contactless.

Compliance Management

Ensure compliance with industry standards.

User Permission

Control access to sensitive data.

Data Backup

Regularly backup data to protect against loss.

Customer Testimonials

The inventory management has been huge for us, especially integrating with the online store. KORONA POS was able to fit the bill on every single aspect.

What I like about KORONA POS is the fact that we call customer support and we get answered immediately... it’s been very simple to train my employees with this POS system.


KORONA POS combines innovation and industry expertise to deliver a feature-rich, user-friendly POS system for the restaurant and retail industries.


Industry Expertise

Over ten years in POS solutions.

24/7 Support

Dedicated in-house support available round the clock.


Key Features

Intuitive Interface

Easy setup and operation.

Multi-Channel Capabilities

Manage in-store, online, and mobile sales.

Customizable Solutions

Tailored to your business needs.

Advanced Analytics

Access real-time data and reports.

Ready to Upgrade Your POS System?

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